HydraFacial LINQ is a loyalty program dedicated to our providers where he/she can connect online, receive benefits, earn-value added opportunities and track rewards. We categorize HydraFacial Providers as:
– I am the Business Owner
– I am in Charge of HydraFacial Financials
– I am the one who Purchased the HydraFacial Device

So, you’re probably wondering, “what’s in it for me” as an aesthetician?
In 2020, HydraFacial will be rolling out a loyalty program, HydraFacial LOVE, exclusive to you and all other HydraFacialists across the nation.

How Can LINQ help me get to LOVE?
By downloading the LINQ APP & signing up for a loyalty ID (as shown in steps 1-5 below), you are securing your access to HydraFacial LOVE when it becomes available! Not only will the LOVE program ignite inspiration through education and social engagement, but it will bring forth exclusive marketing access, unique experiences and innovative technologies.

*Be sure to LABEL yourself as an Aesthetician

Have any questions? E-mail us at loyalty@hydrafacial.com.