Elite Upgrade

Expect Everything

Introducing the brand new HydraFacial Elite

MANDATORY: Software upgrade requires you to systematically report back serial number of all ELITE devices upgraded.

Deliver Real Skin Health Personalization

With Hundreds of Possibilities

The new HydraFacial Elite delivers remarkable results for every skin type and new opportunities for every practice. Discover hundreds of customizable treatment combinations to personalize every HydraFacial experience for any skin concern with tips, boosters, and other enhancements.

What do you need for the upgrade?

  • The upgrade should be downloaded from your desktop computers. (Files won’t be compatible with your mobile phone).
  • A USB keyboard
  • A USB flash drive (at least 8GB)

Important: as a reminder, this is for an ELITE device only. Do not attempt this upgrade on any other device as it will damage it.

The site is best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 1

Click on the button below to submit your device’s information.

You will need:
– Customer ID number

Your Customer ID is located on your invoice. Click here to view a template.

If you cannot locate your customer number, please contact our Elite Tech Support Team at +1 877 393 0938 or by email at: Elitetechsupport@hydrafacial.com

Step 2

After you submit your information, you will receive link to the server.

This will allow you to easily access your upgrade files.

You will also receive it via email.

Step 3

Login to the server from the link that was provided:

  • Check the box next to the zip file and click “Download”
  • Important: You MUST unzip the file before dragging all the different items onto your USB drive. If you drag the file witout unzipping, the upgrade will not run.
  • To unzip a single file or folder, double-click the zipped folder to open it. Then, drag or copy the item from the zipped folder to your USB drive.

Step 4

Confirm the Serial Number of each ELITE device that successfully upgraded.

The serial number is located on the label, in the back of the device, near the electrical outlet.

If your serial number does not start with HFE, your device is NOT eligible for the upgrade.

If you are upgrading multiple devices, you will need each device’s serial number.

Technology Enabled Personalization

Personalized Power
The latest protocols, regimen-building tools, and multi-language capabilities packed into our new, advanced user interface.

Questions? Contact us

Need more help with the upgrade?

Email: Elitetechsupport@hydrafacial.com
Elite Tech Support Team: +1 877 393 0938